About Us

“Our ambition is to help ease the pressures of running a business and ensure it remains fun and profitable to do so. That’s why we started PlanAction”

About Brien Lynch

Brien has a passion for business.

Through his 23 years in the insurance industry, including over 15 years in private practice, Brien has worked with a wide range of businesses focussing primarily on risk management issues. With exposure to such a broad range of industries Brien has developed a unique ability to understand the operations of many different businesses and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

In October 1997 Brien entered into a partnership and became Managing Director of Insurance Options Pty Ltd. In June 2002 Brien took full ownership of the company and with restructuring, created a much more profitable business. It was this restructuring process that awakened in Brien the possibility that through careful strategic planning it is possible for many if not all SME enterprises to generate growth and improve productivity.

In June 2011, Brien’s passion for business led to his decision to leave the insurance industry and start a Business Consultancy practice. Affiliating with MAUS Business Systems as an accredited partner, he now has the backing and support of a global network of professionals to help deliver Business Planning and Support Services to his clients at a local level.

Brien’s belief is that there is always room for improvement. He has the skills, experience and access to market leading business software and support services to enable his clients improve their business practices and profitability whilst simultaneously improving the work\life balance for business owners and staff.

Running a business should be fun, exciting and provide reward for effort and risk. However all too often the burdens of operating a business become overwhelming and the fun, excitement and rewards can quickly disappear.

Whether it is declining sales, shrinking profits, staff issues or simply too much to do and not enough time to do it, business owners are faced with numerous challenges on a daily basis.

Our ambition is to help ease the pressures of running a business and ensure it remains fun and profitable to do so. That’s why we started PlanAction.

About MAUS Business Systems

MAUS Business Systems is an Australian owned company established by Peter Hickey in February 1990. Since then it has been providing a multi award-winning range of technology and services to the SME markets in Australia and around the world.

MAUS Business Systems also acquired the company formally known as EBC (Entrepreneur Business Centre). Since 1992 EBC has been researching and publishing Start-Up, Management and Benchmarking Guides covering over 230 different industries.

Over the years, the MAUS range of business planning, human resource and business process resources has been shipped to over 55,000 businesses and has been used in over 30 tertiary education institutions.

MAUS is committed to helping people succeed in business and receives over 5,000 requests for assistance each week from people around Australia wanting to start, buy or improve their business.

About MAUS Accredited Partners

As the demand for business coaching services increases, MAUS has taken this opportunity to develop a network of independent business coaches, consultants, advisors and business brokers trained to the highest levels of expertise in the implementation of the MAUS award-winning software and the methodologies and concepts behind them.

MAUS Accredited Partners are independent businesses and are therefore not limited in the scope of services that they can offer. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences including general management, accounting, human resources and strategic planning. Many of them are previous successful business owners, understanding the key ingredients needed for running and managing a flourishing company. MAUS Accredited Partners are people who have been in your position before!

Working in partnership with you, a MAUS Accredited Partner can:

  • Simplify issues for you when it all seems to complicated
  • Encourage you to focus on your goals and achieving them
  • Challenge you when you need challenging
  • Cheer you on when need cheering

The rewards associated with using a MAUS Accredited Partner can be significant, including an increased business value, a positive effect on your profit margin and more time out of the business to do the things you enjoy. This is why utilising the services of a MAUS Accredited Partner could be one of the best investments you ever make!

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