Business Planning

There is an old wise saying: if you aim at nothing that’s what you will get. The starting point for all businesses must be a plan.

By conducting a thorough analysis of your business, we will help identify your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Together we will analyse your products, your markets and your customers. We will help you to determine the goals and objectives for your business, establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) with targets and strategies to achieve them. At the end of this process we will have created a strategic plan to help you drive your business forward.

Whether you are starting out, in a growth phase or preparing for sale; planAction can help you set and achieve your goals.

Exit & Succession Planning

Investing time to plan your Exit or Succession strategy is an investment in your future. It will maximise the value of your business, deliver a smooth transition to the new owners or management, reduce the potential stress on staff and minimise the impact on clients.

Typically, we work with business owners 12 to 36 months prior to the proposed exit date. We analyse your business and potential buyers to identify key areas of change that will enhance the prospects of sale and increase the sale value.

Coaching & Mentoring

With a Business or Exit Plan established, the next (and most) important part of the process is implementing the plan and monitoring the KPI’s.

Meeting with you and/or your key staff on a monthly basis, we will monitor the progress towards meeting your KPI’s and help determine strategies to maintain or improve performance. This process makes your plan a living breathing document and ensures all stakeholders remain focussed on the activities that will make the business successful and profitable.

Our mentoring services are aimed at keeping owner/operators focussed on their business. Many owner/operators are tied down working in the business and do not have the time and/or energy required to work on the business.

Meeting with you on a regular basis, we will discuss the issues and opportunities facing the business and determine strategies and actions to deal with them. We help you keep on top of your business to ensure you do not miss valuable opportunities or important deadlines due to time constraints.

Business Support Services

Business is faced with a myriad of operational issues on a daily basis; achieving sales targets, employing and training staff, dealing with clients, OH&S, compliance with government regulations and the list goes on.

Our operational support services are aimed at simplifying business, meeting compliance requirements and improving efficiency and time management.

We can provide assistance with;

–      Policies & Procedures

–      Quality Assurance

–      Environmental Plans

–      OH&S

–      Employment Practices

–      Performance Management

–      Risk Management

–      Administration

–      Project Management

–      Internal Audits

Business Software Packages

MAUS is a cutting edge developer of business management related software that will substantially reduce your administrative costs and help you manage many of the legislative and operational requirements in running a business. As a MAUS Accredited Partner, planACTION has access wide range business software designed to help simplify business, improve efficiency and increase profitability.

Check out the range of products available at

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